[Leaked] Fitbit SE EBOOK | Earn $300+ per week | MONSTER Ebook

pasterx 75 10th Jun, 2019

                         [Leaked] Fitbit SE EBOOK | Earn $300+ per week | MONSTER Ebook | Step-by-step Guide
Platinum Package:

1. How to talk to agents/reps
2. How to setup and what you need for the SE
3. How to organize your SE
4. How to setup your own FitBit Shop
5. 5+ different methods/excuses
6. How to SE a Surge device
7. How to SE a Blaze device
8. How to SE a Charge device
9. How to SE Charging cable
10. How to double dip your order
11. How to deal with questions
12. How to use a VPN
13. How to earn $40 per SE doing all the work
14. How to earn $20 per SE doing no work
15. How to earn $80 - $100 per SE using EBay
16. How to reuse a shipping address and account after a failed attempt
17. How to receive email to a specific email address
18. Tips and opinions
19. Will receive 2.0 update for FREE
20. Personal Account Suppliers
21. Bonuses & Extras


Password - fitpass
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